• robfield

    September 2nd at 11:12pm
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    Good porch sitting weather.

  • robfield

    September 2nd at 10:07pm
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    Office closed early allowing for some special post workout "nutrition". Well it was squat day.

  • robfield

    September 2nd at 10:04pm
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    I'm thinking it's a trap.

  • robfield

    August 24th at 9:36pm
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    The beginning of the day

  • robfield

    August 17th at 2:09pm
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    I like seeing the sun rise as I drive to work.

  • robfield

    August 3rd at 6:37pm
    10 0

    When you can, take a moment.

  • robfield

    July 26th at 1:07pm
    4 0


  • robfield

    July 13th at 2:31am
    6 2

    Farmers Market


    2 months ago
    Stunning! 😍


    3 months ago
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  • robfield

    July 7th at 9:19pm
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    Sometimes you just need a reminder of all the good things in the world and be grateful for those even as you grieve the wrongs.

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