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    January 10th at 11:56pm

    Istanbul, right now. For those who don't know, Turkey, camels, NO. If anything, we're more likely to get offed by a polar bear.

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    December 21st at 1:15am

    hola / adéu catalunya

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    December 21st at 1:00am

    There are certain things in life that takes its own time to get an appreciation for. Stuff like coffee, wine, classical European paintings, old cathedrals, or famously, modern art. You need to just work hard at it, keep trying, learning, and you'll eventually start to see the beauty in it.
    Sagrada Familia is none of those things though. Its beauty requires no interpretation, no thinking nor background knowledge nor past acquaintance required. It's pornography of saturated light and stone -- it's viscerally beautiful in the way that gets a screaming toddler to shut up and try to reach for the glistening beams of sunlight peeking in through the rainbow coloured stained glass, vibrant in the way the colour doesn't let you even walk by it because if you try to, you hurt your neck and you end up running into things.
    What is in the photo is just one minor part, every part is a different colour, and it has all colours of the rainbow. I think I ended up staring into this blue green for a fairly embarrassing amount of time, and I can't even take a picture of it as it looks because the colour is literally outside Adobe RGB. So until you make it there to Barcelona personally, this one will have to do. I'm a pretty hard man to impress at this point, but I think this might be my favourite building of all time.


    29 days ago
    Wow Burak! Çok görmek istedim okuduktan sonra. ✨
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  • rolleiflex

    December 20th at 11:32pm

    Every village in Euskadi that we have been, regardless of how small, had these two things: a) A political centre for Basque resistance, b) a Catholic Church. (Setting priorities straight)

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    December 20th at 11:02pm

    This is as close to a selfie as I'm ever going to get

  • rolleiflex

    December 20th at 10:58pm

    A pre-breakfast in Basque Country

  • rolleiflex

    December 20th at 10:39pm
  • rolleiflex

    December 19th at 10:47am

    "Bagginses? What is a Bagginses, precious?"

  • rolleiflex

    August 6th at 3:53pm

    The time when you accidentally build a city on the mouth of a freaking volcano so you end up under ten meters of ash, but your painting game is on point #pompeii #napoli #italia

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    August 6th at 3:30pm

    An almost-drove-by on our last day in Amalfi. Random cove down by the one-lane cliffside highway turns out a fair shot at the garden of Eden 🌿 #marinadipraia #praiano #amalfi #italia

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