Romuald Czajkowski @romek

  • romek

    January 1st at 2:51am
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    Canada 150!


    20 days ago
    Amazing. Happy New Year!
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  • romek

    January 2nd at 11:37pm
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    Winter evening

  • romek

    October 1st at 10:11am
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    Restaurant "Kuranty" at the Old Town Square in Toruń, Poland

  • romek

    September 26th at 7:03pm

    The old City Hall (Ratusz) on the Old Market Square in Poznań, Poland.

  • romek

    September 25th at 8:12pm

    Start Browar shopping mall in Poznan, Poland.

  • romek

    January 24th at 7:52pm
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  • romek

    October 22nd at 1:39am
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    The Fall lis almost over.

  • romek

    June 30th at 5:28pm

    Artist from Tasmania performing in Ottawa

  • romek

    May 12th at 12:22am
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    Window view

  • romek

    April 18th at 4:18am
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    Las Vegas view

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