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    April 25th at 4:12am

    Just a day at the baseball fields...

  • rooneyp1

    April 10th at 7:26pm
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    Swings like a pro!

  • rooneyp1

    April 10th at 7:17pm
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    First t-ball practice of the the gym...

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    April 7th at 10:04pm
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    Nice little lunchtime walkabout...

  • rooneyp1

    April 7th at 4:45am

    Love finding new treasures, especially when it includes eating dinner in a "library"!

  • rooneyp1

    April 6th at 6:21pm

    Not a bad view from the new mothership @hodestalent @quesocial

  • rooneyp1

    April 5th at 5:52pm
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    Good grief, They still have energy after gymnastics...

  • rooneyp1

    January 4th at 9:52pm
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    What a fantastic break! Hard to tear myself back to work this morning! And yes, that would be a chocolate-covered face I found hiding under a blanket after snarfing a Popsicle.


    11 months ago
    Magnificent 😃
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  • rooneyp1

    July 24th at 7:34pm
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  • rooneyp1

    July 21st at 9:43pm
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    Yup, that's the sky. #thankyouGod

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