Chris Rudzki @rudzki

  • rudzki

    December 8th at 12:31am
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    Get organized!



    8 hours ago
    Someone got binssssssssonbins on bins... on bins
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  • rudzki

    December 7th at 5:26am
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    Soft launch of Pittsburgh Progressives!

  • rudzki

    December 3rd at 1:38am
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    Game on.

  • rudzki

    November 30th at 12:03am
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    “We must love and protect each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

  • rudzki

    November 22nd at 9:57pm
    7 1

    Day after inauguration. Who wants to go with me? I'll be driving from Pittsburgh.


    16 days ago
    Facebook page:
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  • rudzki

    November 20th at 8:54pm
  • rudzki

    November 20th at 8:51pm
  • rudzki

    November 20th at 8:50pm
  • rudzki

    November 20th at 8:48pm


    18 days ago
    Are they willing to put french fries on your sandwich over there?
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  • rudzki

    November 20th at 8:47pm
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