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Come here to see pictures of my dog friend. Go to this⤵️website to read about things.

  • sarchrz

    February 20th at 7:43am
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    Using @jstighe 's lil' feet to show the scale of this massive tv. It's the house's contribution to #TheThirtiest (and also #WinoForever)

  • sarchrz

    February 16th at 11:35pm
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    Packing my suitcase and I found a filthy penny and a piece of macaroni. Travel: It's a trip!

  • sarchrz

    February 13th at 1:10am
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    🎶doodle dee doooo 🎶


    7 days ago
    Love Heros dance
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  • sarchrz

    February 4th at 8:53am
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    Went downtown and my brain was like, "OMG, different things to look at?! New stuff to think about?!Yaaasss."

  • sarchrz

    January 28th at 7:35am
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    Today in Tomfoolery: This little doof put his paws up like he was going to get his nails done in the sunshine. Then he just waited.

  • sarchrz

    January 25th at 1:45am
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    Mama's boy at the dog park.

  • sarchrz

    January 21st at 1:01am
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    Apocalypse Day 1: Taking every possible precaution.

  • sarchrz

    January 15th at 7:29pm
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    This film is as much about toilets as it is about space.

  • sarchrz

    January 14th at 3:36am
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    "My face just isn't smushed enough naturally, I gotta SMUSH IT MORE."

  • sarchrz

    January 6th at 11:19pm
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