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Sarah day💃

  • sarlouisex

    August 6th at 6:32pm
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    What a eventful night.


    11 months ago
    👯👯 @WENDOUZI#^_^nice!
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  • sarlouisex

    August 1st at 11:53pm
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    I'm in such a hyper mood.& I don't know why. Today was something very new yay.

  • sarlouisex

    July 29th at 7:57pm
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    2 years ago
    Plz like my pics ❤️
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  • sarlouisex

    July 27th at 9:35pm
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    Just want to be back here away from everything around me. Everything is always in such a different perspective when things are bad. All I want is you to actually be there for me & you can't see it.

  • sarlouisex

    July 22nd at 12:32am
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    Someone take me back😣

  • sarlouisex

    July 13th at 12:24am
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    Earlier today🍹

  • sarlouisex

    July 11th at 5:40pm
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    Istrilandia water park🏊

  • sarlouisex

    July 10th at 12:07pm
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    Exploring at the coast🏊

  • sarlouisex

    July 9th at 12:44am
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    I know I am 20 minutes early but it already 1 o'clock here but.... Remember when we was this age getting up to mischief. I do remember that this was a picture from when you cut your own fringe. But 18 years of laughs! & lots more.🙈 but I just wanted to say Happy 18th to my amazing cousin. I hope you a fantastic day and get treated like a princess and get spoilt rotten. I know that you certainly will. Can't wait to come to the cottage with everyone next week. We can have a proper catch up. Love you&miss you lots ❤️🙈😘 @manffyringwood


    3 years ago
    Aw love you loads!!! Thankyou so much you have been the first person to post something to me.. Mum is not happy;) hahah can't wait till next week, we will be reunited and will most defiantly get up to mischief ;) love you xxxxxx @sarlouisex
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  • sarlouisex

    July 8th at 10:50pm
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    Basically tonight equals to too much wine and my dad taking selfies. 🍹 blurred over face because I look disgusting but thought it was a cute picture

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