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  • sashajames

    October 23rd at 11:46pm
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    Lunch prepping. We love pasta...

  • sashajames

    October 22nd at 6:45pm
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    weekend sketch practice 30sec & 1min

  • sashajames

    October 15th at 2:43pm
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    Weekend soothing session, re-organising all my #makeupgeekcosmetics #eyeshadow


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    10 days ago
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  • sashajames

    October 12th at 11:30pm
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    It's all good

  • sashajames

    October 9th at 2:03pm
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  • sashajames

    October 8th at 9:44pm
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    Can't wait!!!!! One corner sort of done!!

  • sashajames

    October 8th at 10:50am
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    Halloween special makeup practice.

  • sashajames

    October 8th at 1:35am
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    New flat to restart the chapter. Can't wait to sort things out and start to work on adding my own vibe. FEELING THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!! Muhahahahahahaha!!!

  • sashajames

    September 30th at 12:21pm
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    Now it's easier to find me in London.

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