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  • sashajames

    February 24th at 8:39pm

    Ass ass ass assassin..?

  • sashajames

    February 23rd at 5:57pm
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    We behaved......only got 2 of them! #boroughmarket

  • sashajames

    February 22nd at 9:26pm
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    It's just so soothing to look at for a stressful time. It looks like blood, and I like.
    (When feeling Goth)

  • sashajames

    February 21st at 9:31pm
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  • sashajames

    February 19th at 8:10pm
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    Favorite 3rd week of every month!

  • sashajames

    February 17th at 5:25pm
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    Because it's Friday, we enjoy a bit of adult beverage in the office. G&T always!!

  • sashajames

    February 15th at 6:06pm
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    OMG these 2 are perfect match...for my tummy 😈😈😈


    7 days ago
    Black truffle !!!!
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  • sashajames

    February 14th at 2:08pm

    The only thing that makes me feel Valentine's Day makes sense --> food offer.

  • sashajames

    February 13th at 11:48pm
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    Damn! Just realise how good I am in LOL!!!!!!!!! #lol #IhaveABigMouth


    11 days ago
    Love the way you laugh
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  • sashajames

    February 12th at 9:05pm



    12 days ago
    Awesome shot. Keep up the good work!
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