#shamelessselfies of a girl who can’t wait to get back to her fur babies 💁🏼‍♀️ hello LA 🛬 👋🏻

Hi @sashapieterse27 ... if you get to read this, what foundation and mascara do you use? 💕💕💕
@luciaescrich tia tampoco esta tab gorda
@anndreapuppo siiii, extraño la serie 😢 quiero que siga
Tia borra ese comentario @mmiireiavidaal09.2
I’ve been dying to act from since I remember me, have been watching on YouTube and in small parts in Iceland but now I at the age where I can go somewhere to learn for real and hopefully become an successful actor in the future, I don’t think of anything else it’s in my head 24/7 to become an actor and you one of my favorite actors and an amazing human being I decided to try send you a message asking if you know where I can learn or where I can go find a job, school anything Where did you learn?
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You seriously are the cutest girl ever! I’m only on season 2 episode 13 of PLL, but I love it! You’re So Scary!!! You look so sweet, but you’re evil personified!!! 😳That’s some great acting @sashapieterse27 ♥️
Hello beautiful.
I miss you, miss you, my love, PLL forever❤❤😭
You are cut and beautiful
Hi Like you beautiful wow