To all of my incredible fans in 🇧🇷, I am so very upset and frustrated that I can’t see you this weekend. I have been looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces for months. I know that this is such a bummer but I hope you guys also know how much I love you and appreciate every single one of you. You are all so kind and loving and passionate. The feeling is mutual! I wish I could be saying all of these things to you in person, but I know that some day soon I’ll be able to come to Brazil and celebrate with all of you. Thank you for always being so sweet and respectful to me, I hope you guys can see that my heart is very sad that I can’t see you! A huge shoutout to @sagadofelipe and @sashapdaily for always having my back you are both very special to me ♥️ I know this video doesn’t make up for it, but I hope you understand. Love you all!

I love you i am from brasil 🇧🇷
O Brasil te ama. E estaremos esperando por você sempre.
Beautiful, beautiful ,we love you.❤❤
ily babe.
Você pode falar de Brasilis nome Português?🇧🇷
É a imortalidade minhas queridas
******** so disrespectful ugh
******** she doesn’t owe you anything
I'm crying, I want to see ***********************
Também te amamos ( I love you) ❤❤
Pretty 🌹