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    May 20th at 2:51am

    We are here to see Steve Martin and Martin Short tonight!

  • sborsch

    May 14th at 3:02pm

    The triplets say "good morning" to you!

  • sborsch

    May 10th at 2:05pm

    Here for another week are one of my favorite blooms...

  • sborsch

    May 6th at 7:33pm

    Glad I don't have to dance for *my* treats!

  • sborsch

    April 30th at 6:55pm

    This is the 30th guy that I've seen wearing shorts at Mall of America. Today's high is only 45°.

  • sborsch

    April 22nd at 11:48pm

    Earliest *ever* I've cut the lawn. Usually do it for the first time in mid-May. #climatechange

  • sborsch

    April 21st at 12:53am

    This guy flew in front of me -- looking for critters I'm sure -- and then landed in this tree

  • sborsch

    March 26th at 11:41pm
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    Just bought this Lexar 512GB SSD drive at Costco for $125 & copied 44GBs to it in 4.081 minutes!


    2 months ago
    Will miracles never cease?
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  • sborsch

    March 25th at 10:42pm

    Yep. It's looking pretty thin out there to me.

  • sborsch

    March 18th at 11:03pm

    She's like a teenager on spring break with all the smells that are out here today. Like me, she is so happy to be outside in the warm sun.

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