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    January 16th at 1:08pm
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    Our review of #moana (with @cmarietown)


    1 day ago
    Glad you liked it Jane!


    2 days ago
    Thanks for the review! Love the Burburry scarf!


    3 days ago
    Hi, Great to connect with another entrepreneur, what are you currently working on? :)
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  • scottmtownsend

    January 16th at 1:07pm
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    Tickets to #moana.


    2 days ago
    ❤ your page
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  • scottmtownsend

    January 12th at 2:39pm
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    Book #1 in my list of books to read in 2017. These guys always impressed me with their hustle.

  • scottmtownsend

    January 9th at 5:28am


    10 days ago
    Love it all girl - you know it!!!!!!
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  • scottmtownsend

    January 9th at 12:41am

    60% off.
    #christmasvacation #ornaments


    6 days ago
    Nice one!
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  • scottmtownsend

    January 7th at 6:19pm

    When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

    In the Man Cave, Matthew is giving me a quick tutorial on the MAC computer he and @thecourtneylandon gave us for Christmas. Learning from the legend.


    12 days ago
    Nothing like getting photo bombed by a lamp


    12 days ago
    😂😂😂 the lamp.
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  • scottmtownsend

    January 3rd at 12:58am

    Review of the Death Star Ice Ball maker.
    I didn't realize it, but there's a lot to creating clear ice cubes and ice balls. Be ready to use hot water and don't fill the molds all the way to the top, but leave a small amount of room to allow for the ice's expansion.

    It takes some prying to get the silicone mold to release from the ice ball but a little muscle will take care of the job.

    Now Im on the hunt to produce crystal clear ice balls.. Stay tuned.

    Overall a 3 out of 5.

    #deathstar #starwars #iceball

  • scottmtownsend

    January 2nd at 6:41pm

    Border is done.

    I picked through all 1000 pieces to get the edges so I could frame the border. Once I pieced the border together, realized I was still short 5 pieces to finish the border. So I picked through the 1000 pieces, again. Fortunately I found the 5 pieces about half way through the 1000.

    #starwars #buffalopuzzles #darthvader #winterfun

  • scottmtownsend

    January 2nd at 5:01am

    Who knew @CityChurch let old dogs into the church, much less up in the audio visual booth.
    Some say dogs brought to work help relax those around them, improve moral, reduced employee absenteeism, and reduced stress-related ailments.

    OK, so they didn't let an old dog in, but they did let me, an old man, sit up in the A/V booth to watch the work behind the magic. @mattbtown was gracious enough to let me sit off to the side and watch the CityChurch team ply their trade.
    I've got to say this crew did a great job with slides , sound and lights. It's easy to tell they are very dedicated to their craft and to producing a high quality show for the church-goers.
    I'm very proud of @mattbtown Alicia, Logan and Zach. Good job guys!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! #setting the table

  • scottmtownsend

    January 2nd at 2:39am

    The first two jigsaw puzzle pieces of a 1000 piece set.
    Let the journey begin. #starwars #darthvader #buffalopuzzles #winterttaditions

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