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I was 15, 10 years ago. Filmmaker/film geek nominee/Coffee advocate.

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    January 21st at 12:08am
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    The last two weeks and change I've been rocking vegetarian. Felt like I just needed the change and I've been enjoying the changes in diet and it's been cool coming up with new dishes and protein alternatives.
    Today, I made breaded tofu parme-Sean!

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    January 20th at 10:28pm

    Last night outside Trump International Hotel, we heard a lot of speeches from Cher to Robert De Niro to Mayor's and Union heads from all over the country talking about action, compassion and peaceful protect of others rights. It ended with 20,000+ singing a song of hope and harmony. Just a cool experience and shows that despite the looming shit show that may take place over the next few years, there are are lot of loving people ensuring we're all going to be taking care of one another.

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    January 20th at 3:10am
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    Tonight was day 1 of a new beginning of being good to one another and standing up for everyone. #100daysofresistance #westandunited


    21 hours ago
    @neart13 dude, it was news to me too!


    21 hours ago
    You mean to tell me I could have been an arsehole this whole time!?
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    January 19th at 6:43pm
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    Today's aesthetic. #denimsweatovercoat

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    January 18th at 2:11am
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    My new favorite. #sessionatthegaf


    3 days ago


    3 days ago
    I walk by there every night and I've never been! Haha
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    January 14th at 9:52pm
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    Laddie to stay. #latteart #birchlovesyou

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    January 13th at 11:53pm
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    Baby, you're all that I want, when you're lying here in my arms...


    7 days ago
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    January 13th at 6:17am

    Playing music. Breaking hearts. Strumming strings. #wearescientists

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    January 13th at 2:34am
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    Hitting a show...

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    January 7th at 5:40pm
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    Kinda snowy.


    12 days ago


    13 days ago
    Just a wee bit.
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