Michael Selvidge @selviano

  • selviano

    January 13th at 2:51am
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    Not saying that the North Face jackets are popular in SF, but...

  • selviano

    January 6th at 8:03am
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    We've found the CES #meatbus


    6 years ago
    See, I knew #meatbus was more than mere fantasy
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  • selviano

    January 5th at 3:41pm
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    This is the ugliest pc I've ever seen. If you buy 1 of these, you should get a free bowl of soup

  • selviano

    January 4th at 8:24pm
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    The view from my deck of the (now dormant) bellagio fountains

  • selviano

    November 15th at 2:40am
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    Crissy Field today

  • selviano

    October 15th at 3:20am

    Obligatory SF 10/15 Morning sky pic

  • selviano

    October 12th at 6:57am
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    Kitten belly