Simon Hill @shill_

  • shill_

    July 14th at 6:53pm
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    Learning all about the USDA colour measurement techniques! #potato #foodprocessing #foodtech #potatohead


    8 months ago
    Nice picture. If you allow us to repost it, please add #TheBaliGuru Thank you in advance.
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  • shill_

    July 10th at 12:44pm
    15 1

    The path to my green belt in six sigma begins! #sixsigma #sixsigmagreenbelt #study #studyday


    9 months ago
    Excellent! Good luck!
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  • shill_

    May 31st at 9:55pm
    12 0

    The best way through a tough mudder! πŸ‘Œ

  • shill_

    May 8th at 12:23pm
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    Finally getting to read this!

  • shill_

    April 28th at 8:38am
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    'Crisp machines' πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„

  • shill_

    April 24th at 8:11pm
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    96mph entry speed! πŸ™ˆ

  • shill_

    March 9th at 7:26pm

    Icelandic motocross prep all sorted! :)

  • shill_

    January 10th at 4:43pm
    7 0

    Managed to acquire one heck of a rare book! Not the most widely studied subject! πŸ™Š #studyday

  • shill_

    November 21st at 5:18pm
    8 2

    #studyday #mba #knowledgeispower


    1 year ago
    It's fantastic ash! I did a lot of research before getting an mba guide, this really hits all of the main areas of a business and reads really well too. Recommended πŸ€“


    1 year ago
    Let me know if that's any good Simon. I've been going to a few business lectures but if that book is good that may be a better way to learn
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  • shill_

    September 20th at 4:37pm
    3 0

    Game of thrones live :)

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