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  • sidharth_v

    March 22nd at 8:55am
    20 1

    You can take the #Indian out of Maharashtra, but you can never take the #Maharashtra out of a #Marathi!


    1 day ago
    Mate, send me titles of good indian Baahubali and 24.
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  • sidharth_v

    March 9th at 7:51am
    49 2

    Transformation happens when great minds.................. click photos together, NOT! But these are great minds nevertheless!


    15 days ago


    15 days ago
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  • sidharth_v

    February 22nd at 8:59pm
    34 0

    #hultinternationalbusinessschool leadership panel #valuable

  • sidharth_v

    February 19th at 9:51am
    19 3

    Something's brewing!


    1 month ago


    1 month ago
    What is it?
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  • sidharth_v

    January 22nd at 5:14pm
    33 2

    @motorola hackathon. #motomods are what I would like to think as the future of customisable phones...


    2 months ago
    Making mods for the Aam Aadmi bro 😜


    2 months ago
    I can't believe what I'm seeing. Look who's making making mods for an ANDROID phone! 😂
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  • sidharth_v

    December 25th at 2:51am
    57 1

    My little one all excited to welcome Santa at home...


    3 months ago
    She has grown bigger 😮😘
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  • sidharth_v

    December 25th at 2:47am
    18 0

    #UCBurkeley visit with friends

  • sidharth_v

    December 24th at 6:23pm
    13 0

    @gyroscope_app giving dinner insightful data on my workouts, activities in general too...

  • sidharth_v

    November 27th at 9:51am
    22 0

    Bollywood boy!

  • sidharth_v

    November 26th at 5:12pm
    14 0

    My new sleeping buddy! Keep me healthy doctor!

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