Jeremy Avery @slavery85

  • slavery85

    June 26th at 6:15pm
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    Yeah we came a long way
    I know a lot of people thought they'd never see the day
    That we get big like Notorious
    Cause we battle like warriors
    In the state of euphoria
    My team is so fucking glorious
    So I'mma love life while you live life
    Cause I ain't perfect but I do my best to live it right, @logic301 @rattpackgang

  • slavery85

    June 25th at 8:20pm
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    Looking out as far as eyes can see I'm glad that me and this elevation could finally meet
    I think I'm JFK's final speech
    They try assassinating all of my beliefs #macmillernation


    8 months ago
    Hey, if you like dope music I just dropped a new single called "B.L.T."! I'd appreciate if you could check it out 🙏 There's a link in my bio. THANKS!!
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  • slavery85

    June 25th at 7:46pm
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    My pupils dilated, highly dehydrated
    I'm lost inside a giant matrix
    Isolate myself from eyes I find contagious
    Jump above the come down, I'm strung out and not in ops inside the dugout.

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  • slavery85

    June 25th at 7:19pm
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    All I smoke is papers

  • slavery85

    June 25th at 6:55pm
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