David Benjamin @slowbluecamera

  • slowbluecamera

    November 6th at 9:34pm
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    Credit where due. Nice work.

  • slowbluecamera

    November 6th at 9:33pm
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    Both sides!


    28 days ago


    30 days ago
    Love - a lot- but a bit heavy on the purple !
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  • slowbluecamera

    November 6th at 9:31pm
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    I love the new paste-up on the long closed milk bar on the corner.

  • slowbluecamera

    September 24th at 4:01am
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    @gryvvda there's a new bird in town


    2 months ago
    @slowbluecamera excellent! They can sing to each other...and his name is? I think I may not have refused to return Lance if I'd known he'd already been named Bertrand Russell (or was that Birdtrand Russell?)
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  • slowbluecamera

    September 16th at 3:17pm

    Last night in Japan, like the first. Back at Big Boy. Getz, Evans, Hancock, and several European variants (hosts choice!). Good trip, this.

  • slowbluecamera

    September 12th at 11:17am
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    Bit off a bit much today, nearly 10hrs of Japanese highland hiking before we got to our minshuku (my planning error). But it was gorgeous, we survived, and are soaking in hot springs, so there's that. My legs started giving out shortly after this shot. I was expecting escalators and moving sidewalks. Not what I got.


    3 months ago


    3 months ago
    Dave struggled .. I was fine 😉


    3 months ago
    Oh no....I assumed this was Romani's post, your planning error...never admit!
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  • slowbluecamera

    September 12th at 11:11am
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    This woman. Follows up a heavy 6hr hike into the Japanese mountains with a monster 10hr hike today. Deserves the hot spring onsen soak at the end of this day. She's beautiful.

  • slowbluecamera

    September 10th at 11:06am
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    Post day-of-multiple-trains, Japanese-bath, "stranger than paradise" style ryokan, pre-kimono-kodo pilgrimage hike, break for a humble tinny of sake. Yes, excited.

  • slowbluecamera

    August 21st at 1:09am

    Rainy winter Sunday in tumbledown beach house and Flying Nun just dropped "Kaleidescope World" reissue on Bandcamp. Sometimes entropy rolls the right way.

  • slowbluecamera

    August 7th at 2:37am
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    4 months ago
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