sam. @smallscoops

front-end engineer @planetarycorp

  • smallscoops

    January 21st at 5:43pm
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    👶 & 🐶

  • smallscoops

    January 20th at 4:13am
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    Hi! I'm dog thing.


    4 days ago
    Sooo cute 😍
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  • smallscoops

    January 15th at 3:13pm
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    DNA says I'm European. So interesting to see the breakdown. Probably one of the coolest things I've done.


    8 days ago - they send a kit in the mail to gather your DNA and you send it back. Results take 6-8 weeks once they receive the sample.


    8 days ago
    Where'd you get this done at? @smallscoops
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  • smallscoops

    January 6th at 4:05pm
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    One ear up 🐶


    9 days ago
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  • smallscoops

    January 4th at 3:28am

    It's chilly in the red

  • smallscoops

    January 2nd at 10:14pm

    It's a little muddy on the homestead.

  • smallscoops

    January 2nd at 3:32pm
    10 0


  • smallscoops

    December 30th at 6:10pm
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    Welcome to our fun little family baby Boone!


    23 days ago
    Really love his colors


    24 days ago
    Your eye for photography is really coming along, such progression in your shots. Just had to stop and take the time to tell you because I'm excited to see what to come from your profile!
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  • smallscoops

    December 28th at 2:13am
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    Cannot wait to bring you home, little Boone.

  • smallscoops

    December 21st at 9:51pm
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    Those are some long locks for a 2 year old.


    1 month ago
    I'm jealous wish my hair was tht long
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