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    January 16th at 10:29am

    Between the cloud layers before landing at Dublin airport.

  • smithi1

    January 12th at 11:37pm

    I can make a sound like R2D2. #mother-32 #eurorack #maths

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    January 3rd at 1:04pm
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    Listening to a cassette for the first time in years. It came in the box with something I bought - what a great free gift.

  • smithi1

    January 3rd at 1:41am
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    Full on synthcrush. Is that even a thing?

  • smithi1

    October 22nd at 10:02am
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    When you forget to Instagram your breakfast.

  • smithi1

    August 13th at 1:26am
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    George and two milkshakes. And then we came home.

  • smithi1

    May 29th at 8:28pm
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    Pictures from the windows of airliners all look the same. Still, I liked this one.


    8 months ago
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  • smithi1

    May 23rd at 3:28pm


  • smithi1

    May 7th at 11:41am
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  • smithi1

    April 12th at 10:25pm
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    Messing about with #seaboardrise and #rc505 and #noise on iPad.


    10 months ago
    Kinda dark and mysterious and I like it :)
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