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  • socalson

    January 21st at 4:19pm
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  • socalson

    January 19th at 5:57am

    Enjoying a nice SoCal winter day.

  • socalson

    December 24th at 6:18am
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    The angry floor @Beach Club #faces

  • socalson

    December 13th at 7:20am
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  • socalson

    October 25th at 1:20am
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    I think it's time to send this pumpkin packing!

  • socalson

    August 28th at 1:56am
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    Enjoying the last days of summer.

  • socalson

    April 10th at 12:26am

    Out with the old and in with the new. Spring time is here and it's time to rewax the boards.

  • socalson

    March 4th at 11:52pm
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    #faces a little bit of overspray while pairing today resulted in a nice little face on my garage floor. :^)

  • socalson

    February 22nd at 3:02am
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  • socalson

    February 17th at 2:34am
    27 2

    Rain all day yesterday. Today, it's a little different.


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