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    October 17th at 10:15pm
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    Elizabeth is sleeping in the backseat while gabi got to honk horns and act like a little dingbat.
    I'm missing my family. And she gets upset when she sees me on a video call.
    You can tell she doesn't understand why I am not there, only that I should be and am not.
    I'm losing my mind. This is killing my inside and making me want to take it out on myself. I will go back again sooner than I planned.
    Because I need my girls. As much as they need me. I need to road trip with the girls and Mara as well. She needs to see Tennessee. I need to take us across America.
    I cannot be alone without being empty inside.


    7 days ago
    @shush69 I'm hard on myself because I know that it's harder on Mara. The pressure to remove me from her life.


    7 days ago
    I can't even imagine how hard that is on all of you, not being able to be with them all the time. Don't be so hard on yourself , your girls know that their daddy loves them. @solidarius


    7 days ago
    @polymertwist I plan on it you can hug the babies and chat with Mara while I drive in circles with the older kids. Nothing like bad habits when young


    7 days ago
    You guys should swing by ky
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  • solidarius

    October 17th at 10:11pm
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    Did I mention this kid likes her cupcakes? #babyG

  • solidarius

    October 17th at 5:08pm
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    #northernsyndicate #lakesimcoe #kdmo #hmc

  • solidarius

    October 17th at 5:02pm

    #lakesimcoe #northernsyndicate

  • solidarius

    October 17th at 4:58pm
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    #lakesimcoe #northernsyndicate #evening
    Just a man and his ride

  • solidarius

    October 8th at 9:10pm
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    #northernsyndicate allowed little ol me in. Lots of good people. A lot of crazy fun to be had coming.

  • solidarius

    October 5th at 6:32pm

    Editing these for later. I really should have taken MUCH MORE.

  • solidarius

    October 5th at 6:28pm

    A pano of the row I was in. With the girls being occupied I would have minutes to do things. Elizabeth passed out to revving engines and subs blasting, Gabriella was fine as long as she could see me and keep an eye on me. Lil lady was crazy and loved every second. She will definitely be back to meet the clubs around NF #Niagarafallscarclub #NFCC

  • solidarius

    October 5th at 6:25pm

    I. Was. Drooling. Straight up hysterical.

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