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Point-and-shoot photographer and explorer on the seas of digital publishing.

  • somisguided

    December 2nd at 4:25pm
    10 0

    Explaining my tea cup to Himself.

  • somisguided

    December 2nd at 2:52pm
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    How are you doing? I'm still poorly. #irishkid


    11 hours ago
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  • somisguided

    December 1st at 9:10pm
    16 1

    Ok Christmas, let's do this.


    1 day ago
    Lol...the rule went out the window I see at your house too 😉
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  • somisguided

    November 28th at 11:31pm
    28 3

    Please note the entrance tea lights.


    3 days ago


    3 days ago
    Young Entrepreneurs
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  • somisguided

    November 27th at 4:30pm
    12 0

    Once upon a time there was an elephant and a frog ... then we played something else. #3minintervals

  • somisguided

    November 24th at 9:13pm
    5 0

    Swapping one dark roast for another. #day-to-night

  • somisguided

    November 24th at 3:29pm
    11 0

    That moment when the to-do list is so large that you forget about your coffee. And then realize it's still hot! #keepcup for the win

  • somisguided

    November 20th at 11:42am
    21 0

    Amazing birthday flowers. Thx @gerconcabe

  • somisguided

    November 16th at 4:20pm
    11 2

    Museums in converted Georgian homes are the best because even the fireplaces are works of art.


    16 days ago


    17 days ago
    Beautiful! Happy Birthday to you as well Lovely Lady!! 🌟🌟😘
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  • somisguided

    November 14th at 11:18pm
    14 0

    Kung pow. How does your garden grow!

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