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AMS certified meteorologist. These photos are the "best of the best" sent to me by followers and viewers. Snapchat: spannwx

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    October 26th at 2:47am
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    Panama City Beach sunset... From bamachic317

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    October 26th at 2:16am
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    Tuesday evening sunset at Key Largo… Photo from @4uatide

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    October 26th at 2:09am
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    Sunset this evening at Panama City Beach… Photo from Barry Carruth

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    October 26th at 2:00am
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    Sunset at Pigeon Forge… Photo from @sherrizzille

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    October 26th at 1:57am
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    Sunset at Laguna Beach Florida… Photo from Michael Hubbard

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    October 26th at 1:09am
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    Sunset over Gatlinburg this evening... from @n1bama


    9 hours ago


    9 hours ago
    Do you know why there are so many planes in the sky marking white lines/clouds?
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    October 25th at 1:34am
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    Sunset over Mobile Bay... Photo from Lynn Oldshue


    19 hours ago


    1 day ago
    God's beauty🙏


    1 day ago
    See those clouds!
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    October 25th at 1:21am
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    Sunset over Lake In The Woods at Trussville... Photo from Robin Taylor


    1 day ago


    1 day ago
    Beautiful every day -you are at the perfect spot !!
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    October 25th at 1:15am
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    Sunset at Navarre Beach... From @bamanurse14

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