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Python/Django developer in Austin, TX.

  • spiffie

    January 6th at 4:18am
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    Ellie in her granny sweater

  • spiffie

    December 31st at 9:02am
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    The dogs are DONE sharing

  • spiffie

    December 27th at 8:43pm
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    My precious


    20 days ago
    I got more!
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  • spiffie

    December 25th at 1:16am
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    Xmas prep done with hours to spare!

  • spiffie

    December 13th at 5:50am
    7 0
  • spiffie

    December 3rd at 6:19pm
    12 0

    Keeping the neighbors in line

  • spiffie

    December 3rd at 6:48am
    7 0

    Just gracefully watching TV

  • spiffie

    November 28th at 12:27am
    11 2



    24 days ago
    Is that your house?


    2 months ago
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  • spiffie

    November 18th at 3:05am
    10 0

    The best home security system around

  • spiffie

    October 24th at 7:22pm
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    Everyone, go vote. Go early so you avoid the reasons and justifications later when the lines are longer. I don't care who you vote for, just that you do. That's what democracy is.

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