• sroot

    January 22nd at 10:08pm
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    Yes, this just happened. πŸ˜‹It's #girlscoutcookie time again. Evidently #smores is the hot new flavor. I've heard they are good, so we'll see. I know this ages me, but does anyone else remember when these cookies were like $1.50 a box? The good old days! πŸ˜‚


    6 hours ago
    Thin mints!!
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  • sroot

    January 22nd at 12:31am
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    Amen & amen!
    "In a world of such unkind words, I want to pause and think and be #kind and #respectful to people. Pointing out flaws only points out our own. Let's point to #Jesus and He will make the way." β™‘
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    22 hours ago
    Check my profile and get tips on getting fit on a budget πŸ’ͺ
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  • sroot

    January 20th at 11:02pm
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    So exciting!
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    Just reached 15 million downloads on the @bibleappforkids today with our partner @youversion--celebrate with us by reposting this image! #GodsWordEveryChild

  • sroot

    January 16th at 5:53pm
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    Good words ... ・・・
    Let the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. inspire you to have tough conversations; to read challenging, well-written books; and to love the people who look a little different from you. "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." #Repost @bookshelftville with @repostapp


    4 days ago
    πŸ‘ πŸ‘
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  • sroot

    January 16th at 5:43pm
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    Darkness cannot drive out darkness... #mlkquotes #Repost @dailykeller with @repostapp

  • sroot

    January 16th at 4:43pm
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    My vicarious contribution to #Japanuary ;) #fitbit

  • sroot

    January 14th at 4:34pm
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    Good words to remember and strive for. #community #gospel #gospelcommunity #church

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  • sroot

    January 14th at 3:02pm
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    I'm using a @logosbiblesoftware reading plan to read through the Preaching the Word Commentary on Jeremiah & Lamentations. Somehow my heart seems to be tuned keeping focused on the hope of God in sorrow & lament this year, and the PTW commentaries are great to read through devotionally.

  • sroot

    January 10th at 12:48pm
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    Righteousness, justice, steadfast love, faithfulness ... Ps. 89:14 @logosbiblesoftware


    12 days ago
    Yes! We love to see people getting after it. #bupsessed


    13 days ago
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  • sroot

    January 2nd at 3:12pm
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    If He is the source of our mercies, mercy will never fail us. #streamsinthedesert


    21 days ago
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