Amber Spencer @starrkisst

  • starrkisst

    March 18th at 7:49pm
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    #Repost @designfocalpoint with @repostapp
    #dailypractice #copperplate #mcs #speakup

    Nice ! We love your style, contact us by DM, we
    hvae an offer for you :)..
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  • starrkisst

    March 18th at 4:55pm
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    1 day ago
    Wonderful 😊


    5 days ago
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  • starrkisst

    March 17th at 12:29am
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    Spent the day with friends in the Canyons today. Great day to explore and be outdoors!!!


    8 days ago
    Keep diggin it
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  • starrkisst

    March 15th at 6:36pm
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    #Repost @designfocalpoint with @repostapp
    As a beginner, it can become overwhelming and frustrating to see how much further I have to go when I see how beautiful and inspiring the work of others is. I just have to have patience and stop comparing. We all start somewhere!! Using this quote today as my daily practice and meditation. #mcs2 #bschool

  • starrkisst

    March 12th at 11:26pm
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    My new favorite thing is this #swaglamp we found while browsing thrift stores yesterday. ❤it!!!! #thriftstorefinds


    13 days ago
    🔥 ✨


    13 days ago
    I love it and I love the cow print in the background too!
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  • starrkisst

    March 8th at 8:03pm
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    Copperplate practice for #mcs2. #shecreatesbusiness


    16 days ago
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  • starrkisst

    March 4th at 9:20pm
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    I don't think there is a better feeling than when your kids feel victorious and proud. Little man won first place in the derby 🏁 today. (Although I think sister's car could have beat him if she got to race in the official race😉) Such a great family day!


    19 days ago
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  • starrkisst

    February 25th at 12:28am
    27 0

    She composed her own music and changed into her fanciest dress to put on a performance for us. 👏🙌👏🙌

  • starrkisst

    February 24th at 1:19am
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    26 days ago
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  • starrkisst

    February 20th at 1:27am
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    Lol.... this is the only pic I ended up with the majority of the kids facing forward with eyes open. We had so much fun hanging with new and old friends!!!

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