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    December 8th at 9:05am
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    Just got my new fendi sunglasses from @seechic sale #seechic

  • starsnstilettos

    November 23rd at 3:56pm
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    Selling a few hen's night related items!

  • starsnstilettos

    November 23rd at 11:33am
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    #miraculove8k #laurexmiraculove would love to win the Convent Pear scent as pear is my favorite fragrance to have around the house!

  • starsnstilettos

    November 16th at 12:53pm
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    Beauty items for sale!

  • starsnstilettos

    November 6th at 5:28pm
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    Relaxation time in the aerial hammock

  • starsnstilettos

    August 16th at 12:30pm
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    See my items on sale on Carousell

  • starsnstilettos

    July 28th at 1:02pm
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    Can't wait to try @origins.sg 's latest #GinZing products! Placed alongside my favorites; the charcoal mask and peace of mind. #flatlay @racrelasin @prisphan Rmb to like and follow origins to win the hamper!


    4 months ago
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  • starsnstilettos

    May 23rd at 6:01am
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    Selling my items on @thecarousell! A mixture of beauty, skincare and fashion items. Do check it out! Carousell.com/starsnstilettos


    5 months ago
    Your photos are very nice! We would like to welcome you on our instagram! Cheers 😊


    6 months ago
    Best one so far
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  • starsnstilettos

    November 13th at 1:42pm
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    Affordable art fair. Although I have no idea how to appreciate art whoops

  • starsnstilettos

    November 3rd at 3:31pm
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    So excited to use my activewear loots! Went a bit crazy but so worth it considering the quality ☺️

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