Hirokazu Takatama @takatama

  • takatama

    March 20th at 3:11pm

    Little white flowers

  • takatama

    March 20th at 2:24pm
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    Accessories made by my son using 100yen shop's materials. He thought out how not to spent money for his fashion.

  • takatama

    January 7th at 5:25am


  • takatama

    January 1st at 5:06am
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    Happy new year!


    3 months ago
    あけましておめでとうございます。息子さんとの写真、どっちがお父さんかわからないw 大きいんですね。 今年もよろしくお願い致します😊
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  • takatama

    December 17th at 9:19am
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    It was the last day of 9 years spent as a choir staff

  • takatama

    December 14th at 4:04pm

    Autumn leaves were so beautiful after a long absence in these years

  • takatama

    December 14th at 3:52pm

    It was a so cold day with rain

  • takatama

    August 26th at 3:03pm

    Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers

  • takatama

    August 26th at 2:57pm

    人と共に踊る鯉によって描かれる水面のドローイング - Infinity

  • takatama

    August 26th at 2:41pm

    Wander through the Crystal Universe

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