Taylor Turner @taylor_ashlee14

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    November 7th at 4:28am
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    I took this photo this weekend. It looks so peaceful.

  • taylor_ashlee14

    November 6th at 3:43pm
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    How to start an amazing morning.

  • taylor_ashlee14

    November 5th at 9:50pm
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  • taylor_ashlee14

    October 30th at 4:34pm
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    Oh how I love Sunday mornings with my most amazing family.

  • taylor_ashlee14

    October 19th at 11:48pm
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    When we both get stickers at school. #wereawesome

  • taylor_ashlee14

    October 15th at 6:24am
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    The state ring is here!(: I am so proud of her. Getting to witness 5 girls with no track chase their dreams was definitely a lifetime experience.


    2 months ago
    Like this picture! Thanks!!!
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  • taylor_ashlee14

    September 10th at 3:58pm
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    Meet the mentor time!


    3 months ago
    Perfect job for you! You have that professional teacher look. Go get em!
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  • taylor_ashlee14

    September 6th at 1:09am
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  • taylor_ashlee14

    August 31st at 1:01am
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    Taco Tuesday done right!(: #holeinthewall

  • taylor_ashlee14

    August 21st at 3:26am
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    Big hungry.

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