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I've got my fedora on, appetite ready, and traveling shoes on! I love food, cooking, cultures, and photography. I hope to share that and inspire

  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    November 25th at 12:14am
    23 1

    Champagne smoothie?! Don't mind if I do!


    12 days ago
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  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    November 22nd at 1:29am
    12 1

    I'm starting a thing! It's called naan grilled cheese (mine has shredded mixed Mexican cheese, black pepper turkey, provolone, roast beef, and hummus) .... I don't care if you discovered it first or have been doing it for years lol We're starting a thing! Also shown: French onion soup with mushrooms and Gaelic Ale out of Asheville, NC. Spread the word! Ha ha


    15 days ago
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  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    November 21st at 3:10am
    12 5

    Please eat me. Thanks :)



    17 days ago
    Nah. Chelsea beat me to it!
    @borrero1974 if only we still worked together ;) LOL ... @jesterama2 I guess I should've have made it a nice command LOL


    17 days ago
    I wanted one but misread the sign. Thought it said don't eat me


    17 days ago
    If they were here!
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  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    November 4th at 1:42am
    18 0

    There's a reason great writers exist in my life :)

  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    November 1st at 1:20am
    18 2

    Happy Halloween!! Beautiful sunset to go with it 👻🎃☠️



    1 month ago
    This reminds me of a dream I had last night…
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  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    October 27th at 6:16pm
    9 0

    Still one of my fave concoctions to experiment with. This version has a German bean soup, asparagus, chicken, sautéed onions & garlic, over-easy egg, cheddar slice, all on top of a wheat naan.....it's like chicken soup for my soul :)

  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    October 24th at 7:19pm
    12 2

    Milktooth in Indianapolis was certainly delicious ... good friends and good convo to add :)


    1 month ago
    You're home?


    1 month ago
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  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    October 16th at 12:08am
    6 0

    Another win for Aldis....spicy and delicious! Nom Nom Nom

  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    October 13th at 7:44pm
    4 0

    Made up quite a tasty brunch. Toasted sourdough bread with goat cheese, shaved smoked turkey, over-easy eggs, asparagus gravy (lemon, butter, dill, garlic, onion, vanilla almond milk, flour). It was def delicious!

  • the_hungry_archaeologist

    October 13th at 7:40pm
    5 1

    Sweet potato done savory and sweet. Savory has jalepeño sausage, onions, peppers, blends of sauces, topped with goat cheese and hot cheese mix. Sweet is nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, creamer, brown sugar, topped with coconut. @carolinejmoreau Mel tasted it and liked them :)


    2 months ago
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