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  • thewendysue

    February 25th at 1:49am
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    Okay while technically leftovers at this point, and not as pretty as it was last night, this is still crazy delicious. @alanachernila Every time I make this pasta with fresh tomatoes, balsamic, and basil I silently thank you for what is possibly my favorite meal.

  • thewendysue

    February 25th at 1:35am
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    "Beachy waves" happen when you say you're okay with whatever and just going home to watch the Golden Girls. Hope Blanche and crew like it.


    1 day ago
    This is only my life all the time.
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  • thewendysue

    February 24th at 10:07pm
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    Woodys pretty psyched about this early spring. #happyplace

  • thewendysue

    February 23rd at 5:14am
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    KP's wedding - 2011 I think? So young and smiley. This was about eight hours or so before Woody got skunked for the first time.

  • thewendysue

    February 15th at 1:00am
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  • thewendysue

    January 18th at 11:51pm
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    Remain calm and place a newspaper over your head while you isolate corpses. #inauguration #trumpocalypse

  • thewendysue

    January 17th at 12:40am
  • thewendysue

    January 8th at 5:26am
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    10 days ago
    Don't know how I missed this!...wow. I'd vote for him.
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  • thewendysue

    January 8th at 5:22am
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    These are cracking me up.


    2 months ago
    So regal, these look like Renaissance era portraits!
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  • thewendysue

    January 8th at 5:21am
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