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    July 2nd at 12:38pm

    Coffee break


    16 days ago


    2 months ago
    This is great
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  • thomasleung

    April 3rd at 4:53am


  • thomasleung

    February 14th at 11:03am
  • thomasleung

    December 9th at 9:07am
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    Relaxing Sunday...

  • thomasleung

    October 25th at 6:30pm
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    A wonderful old-song night!

  • thomasleung

    October 25th at 6:28pm
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    Even the seat is located in row 3, but there is row A, B, C, D in front of row 1. Bad arrangement.

  • thomasleung

    October 21st at 3:29pm
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    Turkish lunch in a wonderful environment. Lahmacun is delicious.

  • thomasleung

    October 14th at 1:13pm
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    Here we're! Soapbox racing sponsored by red bull.

  • thomasleung

    October 6th at 12:14pm
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    Good time, good coffee with my wife! Thanks all for the wonderful birthday blessings!

  • thomasleung

    September 26th at 7:02am
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    Received a small red box in this morning. Thanks boss!

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