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  • titystella

    December 8th at 6:28am
    17 1

    Fund collected no is $420.
    Need $2k for surgery to extract a big stone in her bladder.
    Please view my facebook for full story n prove.
    My facebook " Tity Stella" $10 each person to add on to Ms Mary The cat surgery fund... I need 164 people to contribute $10 each person... $10 x 164 people... Lets make this happen people... I have thousands over people here in fb.. N those who have shared... The faster i get the fund... The earlier Ms Mary's life can be safe.. Today is my day... U never know when will be yours... 😔

    If u want to remain anonymous...but u wanna contribute... Just transfer amount to 209-57650-3 posb sav... May Allah bless you Amin.. May God bless you... #share


    14 hours ago
    *Fund collected is $420 as for now
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  • titystella

    December 5th at 8:24am
    19 0

    Just cooked mee soto with homemade bargedil for lunch =)

  • titystella

    December 4th at 2:10pm
    13 3

    Dear Nisa,
    Thank u for having me... Thank u for trust me to doll u up on ur engagement day =) 😘


    4 days ago


    4 days ago
    😘❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋 love u too la! Potong kaki! Manis sangat hehehe @nxzsh


    4 days ago
    Thank you kak for dolling me today i love you hehe
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  • titystella

    December 4th at 2:05pm
    13 2

    Congrats cuzzin on ut marriage! @_leanalewiis welcome to the club! Hehehe all the best in life... May Allah bless u n husband with health n wealth Amin!!


    4 days ago
    Thank you hehe 😘😘


    4 days ago
    Send gambar dlt fb haha
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  • titystella

    December 4th at 8:13am
    13 0

    Started with my exclient (in purple hijab) doll her up for her wedding... Now its her cuzzin turn for engagement 😍😘😘 thank u ladies!!! For your endless support!

  • titystella

    December 4th at 8:10am
    15 0

    My client for today =) sweet2 pretty2 nisa.... Thank u for having me darling!
    Requested for softer look.. No shaping of eyebrow 😉😍😘
    Selamat Bertunang dear @nxzsh

  • titystella

    December 4th at 5:40am
    18 0

    Out to doll up client for engagement at chai chee.
    Oh i love the lighting today

  • titystella

    December 4th at 4:11am
    9 0

    Was sooooo happy yesterday wen i got this 🎁 from mil... She said... Happy 3rd Anniversary! Gosh... 6 dec 2013..the day i became a wife.
    N my mil knows best... Knows what i really want.. This perfume ive been wanting soo much... Alhamdullilah.... #annasui

  • titystella

    December 4th at 3:05am
    15 0

    My morning view.
    I have a pen.. I have a cat.. #awangthecat

  • titystella

    December 3rd at 4:07pm
    7 0

    This is what happen when there's year end sale.. Hahaha Apologies for the irritating voice over hahahaha

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