Thomas Green @tjgreen

  • tjgreen

    February 10th at 6:28am
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    Ashleigh (not her real name) may be in need of an intervention.

  • tjgreen

    February 6th at 7:42pm
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    Found some great lines in East Bowl Woods at #Heavenly. Quiet and empty in the trees and no wait at Gunbarrel lift on a busy Saturday.

  • tjgreen

    January 30th at 1:39am
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    Another #Heavenly day.

  • tjgreen

    February 22nd at 1:11am
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    Beginnings of a CAN project.

  • tjgreen

    October 25th at 4:12am
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    Ghostie, the pumpkin dressed as a ghost for Halloween.


    3 years ago
    Can I have ur user name please
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