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my little life squared.

  • tlainey

    March 25th at 9:31pm
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    This little boy is sick again. 😩 coughing, fever, snot and red cheeks. Ready for him to feel better.

  • tlainey

    March 24th at 9:23pm
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    The woods are beautiful today.

  • tlainey

    March 24th at 5:54pm
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    Hey Jodi, your master chef is waiting to feed you a delicacy called 'burnt french bread'. Latest rage. #cookingfail #imstilleatingit #masterchef #broilmaster #icancook


    12 hours ago
    @jholdencasting i knew i was ready for tv the second i made this french toast.


    1 day ago
    Ever thought about being on TV?
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  • tlainey

    March 23rd at 4:06am
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    The first of many more nights of youth. #myheartbelongshere #gracefoursquare #gracenorthwoods

  • tlainey

    March 21st at 12:56pm
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    Our friendship has lasted through what this cup looks like now... lol love you @lindsaymorgant

  • tlainey

    March 21st at 12:53pm
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    They are up and ready early. Waffles in the toaster, cartoons and getting it together before we go to the bus.

  • tlainey

    March 21st at 12:08am
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    Life of a 2 year old boy.. destroying livingrooms in minutes, eating a cookie he found on the floor and your know, coloring.

  • tlainey

    March 20th at 1:26am
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    My pitcher game is on... and full of koolaid. Lol

  • tlainey

    March 18th at 7:31pm
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    Kaydence's 6th birthday!!

  • tlainey

    March 18th at 5:54pm
    6 0

    I love this girl of mine. She is SO MUCH like me.

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