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    December 25th at 4:41pm
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    Bella reflecting on the excitement of Christmas morning. The story of Jesus' birth read, a prayer of thanksgiving, presents opened, A Christmas Story on the TV, and brunch in the near future.

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    November 7th at 6:57pm

    Since I've never been to Quail Hollow State Park before, I wasn't sure what to expect. As I continued walking on one of the trails I kept hearing, what I thought was, a waterfall in the distance. I quickened my step because I love waterfalls. However, I didn't discover a waterfall but hundreds of birds "singing" in the trees. It was one of the loudest encounters I've ever had in nature. Normally I am enamoured by what I see in nature, but today I was overwhelmed by what I heard. It reminded me that listening is sometimes better than seeing. I know lots of people who are having a hard time "seeing" but I hope your lack of sight won't cause you to lose your ability and desire to listen. #faithcomesbyhearing


    2 months ago
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    October 12th at 1:09am

    More Tree reflections.

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    October 12th at 1:06am

    I love tree reflections in the water.

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    October 12th at 1:00am
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    Sometimes #nofilter is needed.

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    October 10th at 8:39pm

    @ty.hogsed and I went hiking today. He likes walking sticks so he can be ready to defend himself against large animals.


    3 months ago
    It's a lot better than getting eaten by one!
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  • tomhogsed

    September 28th at 3:12am
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    The first signs of Fall are here!

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    September 26th at 4:14am

    Sun setting over the Strip in North Canton, Ohio. #northcanton #ohio #phantom3

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    September 23rd at 10:19pm
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    This dog refuses to look at the camera. I have to wonder if she's in a state of doggy meditation 😀. #iphone7 #deptheffect #dogstagram #maltipom #maltipomsofinstagram

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    September 22nd at 1:51am

    Geese making their way across an open field while the sun is still attempting to break through the morning fog. #naturalohio #ohio #northcanton #iphone7 #naturelovers #photooftheday

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