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Investing all of 2017 in becoming a better human, father, husband, and creative. Previously Sr. Lead & Designer at @Shopify, @pilotapp, @teehanlax.

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    March 24th at 8:51pm
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    March 21st at 9:39pm
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    March 21st at 9:36pm



    4 days ago
    Go big or go home!
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    March 21st at 9:34pm
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    Aaaauuuuhhhhh.... I said no onions. Rrrraaauuugggg!

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    March 8th at 4:00pm
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    ❀️ to the most beautiful, smartest, strongest, inspiring mama and bestest partner in the world! #internationalwomensday


    17 days ago
    Too cute


    17 days ago
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  • travishines

    March 4th at 4:59pm
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    Okely dokely!

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    February 14th at 4:45pm
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    "This is Super Mario. And Luigi. That's Yoshi. Bowser is a bad guy..." ☺️

  • travishines

    February 5th at 12:04am

    He aligns his food before eating it! 😍

  • travishines

    January 31st at 10:14pm
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    The rod-and-shelf-less closet is no more Mini-project = βœ…. (Yeah, I'll paint it later)


    2 months ago
    Nice... πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯


    2 months ago
    @jack_rybinski - yup. Kept some scrap wood to cut an angled bracket. Pipe is fairly heavy-duty for the time being.


    2 months ago
    And maybe some doors. ;)


    2 months ago
    Looks good! But for a shelf/rod that wide... i'd suggest a support bracket at the center.
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  • travishines

    January 30th at 2:02am
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    🎢 The good 'ol πŸ’© game! 🎢

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