Jennifer Smith @trinity4888

  • trinity4888

    October 20th at 2:59am
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    The only way to get through tonight's debate. #debatenight #whyyesmyflyisopen

  • trinity4888

    October 19th at 4:45am
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    Mom is watching Netflix and Robin is BORED. #catsofinstagram

  • trinity4888

    October 19th at 4:39am
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    Current mood: I've made up a story in my head about how this change machine at the laundromat dreams of being a slot machine in Vegas and now I am a little sad.

  • trinity4888

    October 17th at 7:53am
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    Every day when I come home she escapes to the hallway. The chase back up the stairs always results in her rolling around on her back and purring. What a goof. #catsofinstagram

  • trinity4888

    October 13th at 5:22am
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    On hard days The Office always cheers me up. #theoffice

  • trinity4888

    October 11th at 3:08am
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    Fixed my bangs!

  • trinity4888

    October 10th at 7:12am
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    Thank goodness for Christmas stocking lip balm.

  • trinity4888

    October 8th at 12:27am
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    Got that awesome sick-day hair going. Why yes I did just wake up from a four hour nap.

  • trinity4888

    October 5th at 6:45am
    8 1

    I'm a little under the weather. Soup is a gift.


    16 days ago
    How is this brand of split pea? It's my favorite soup and I have yet to find a good one in a can @trinity4888 hope you feel better soon 😊
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