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    April 5th at 4:45am
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    So this happened...

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    April 4th at 9:03pm
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    Hummus prep

  • vaskin

    March 29th at 10:54pm

    Ren Faire

  • vaskin

    March 28th at 7:20pm
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    Have beer. "Please remain calm" whew

  • vaskin

    March 28th at 7:13pm
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    Have sunshine, need beer.


    1 year ago
    LA? You should swap with your friend and just move here.


    1 year ago
    We were just talking about Austin! A friend wants to move there. Meanwhile I'm moving to LA in the next few months! #changes
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  • vaskin

    December 19th at 2:46pm
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    Christmas train

  • vaskin

    December 16th at 8:18pm
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    Friend got this gifted

  • vaskin

    December 16th at 6:21am

    By far - leaps and bounds - the best live show I've ever witnessed.

  • vaskin

    December 16th at 5:03am

    F'n awesome guitar playing by pmiller

  • vaskin

    December 16th at 12:46am

    Fat tire

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