Steve Calderon @vespa59

  • vespa59

    October 26th at 7:25am

    Saw the Pet Shop Boys tonight. Not as good as last time but still fun

  • vespa59

    October 24th at 12:15am

    I made friends with this deer at the disc golf course today.


    2 days ago
    So jealous!!!
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  • vespa59

    October 22nd at 11:14pm

    Lovely day

  • vespa59

    October 22nd at 10:12pm

    Saw of montreal last night.

  • vespa59

    October 22nd at 10:01pm
    29 1

    Doing about a third of the Banks-Vernonia trail with Boo today. Beautiful day to look at fall colors before many days of rain.


    3 days ago
    Sporty! 💪🏼🐒
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  • vespa59

    October 14th at 6:45pm

    Munchkin kisses #dogsoffastly

  • vespa59

    October 13th at 6:55am

    This is the coolest thing I have ever peed in or on.


    12 days ago
    Looks like a good drink to us.
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  • vespa59

    October 12th at 8:45pm

    Spotted this weird dog in the Lodge at Fastly HQ. #dogsoffastly

  • vespa59

    October 12th at 6:20am

    Ah well, good season guys! Congrats Cubs. I hope you get your ring this year. Unbelievable coolness from G's fans and Cubs fans alike here at the park. Everyone congratulating on a great run and wishing well. Glad I got to go to these games. #sfgiants #attpark

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