Chin Ann @vinann

  • vinann

    February 13th at 9:04am

    Airbus A380 SIA get special gate as it so near to the terminal.

  • vinann

    February 13th at 8:41am
    28 1

    #SCHKM 2017
    Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.
    It's was fun running in custome & I'm just 1min shy away from my personal best timing!
    #Mario brother Luigi. It's was another awesome great fun feel when running 42KM #marathon in wonderful cold weather!
    #running #HongKong

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  • vinann

    February 11th at 7:06am
    5 0

    @nikehkg Standard Chartered Hong Kong marathon official partner !
    Nike Pacers who will bring all back finishing line.
    In the shake out run, we get to know local runners and Indonesian runners!
    Are you ready for #SCHKM 2017?
    #HongKong #nike✔️

  • vinann

    February 4th at 4:58am
    8 1

    Great dinner last night with smoky whisky... Slept 4 hours, ran short cut's short cut route 6km... Was craving for Char Kuay Teow but too long Q
    Had Hainan Chicken rice @ Taman Melawati.
    Happy CNY Chor 8!


    18 days ago
    I find this too smoky for my liking. @vinann
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  • vinann

    February 3rd at 2:19am
    7 0

    OMG... I love my Asics TMM460 color !

  • vinann

    February 1st at 12:14pm
    6 0

    Zero carb dinner - grille chicken

  • vinann

    January 30th at 2:23pm

    Chill here.
    KL city is empty.

  • vinann

    January 29th at 5:37am
    9 2

    Mum home cook lunch:
    mihun, lok bak, wild boar curry, potato & fry fish!
    Satisfaction: priceless


    24 days ago not. Tmr only back KL via trunk route. Enjoy the countryside views

    24 days ago
    Lsd tomorrow?
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  • vinann

    January 23rd at 12:46pm
    9 0

    @adidas Weightlifting shoe with dial in the house @crossfitpahlawan
    #CrossFit #WeightLifting #WOD

  • vinann

    January 21st at 12:44pm
    3 0

    Teh Peng ikat tepi.

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