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Photographer: 185.000 photos and counting Traveller : 37 counties Wine Expert : tasted over 700 Slovakia / United Kingdom / Thailand

  • vladi

    November 24th at 8:41pm
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    Hello from Boston, MA. Thanksgiving, nearly all the shops are closed. No traffic. Great for photography.


    13 days ago
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  • vladi

    October 2nd at 12:03pm
    38 3

    Austria. Brandnertal. 2965m. Snow but so hot on the sun, can wear shorts and tshirt.


    2 months ago
    Really many of superb information!


    1 year ago


    1 year ago
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  • vladi

    April 29th at 5:32pm
    21 0

    Found this while clearing my closet: original DOOM on two 3.5" floppy discs. Anyone interested?

  • vladi

    February 22nd at 11:53am
    20 0

    Be together. Not the same. Android.
    Hammersmith bus station, Sunday 22nd February 2015.

  • vladi

    February 14th at 1:25pm
    17 0

    Remember the good times: Vienna, Austria, 2011.

  • vladi

    February 12th at 10:10am
    21 0

    Remember the good times: Richmond park, London, UK, 2012.

  • vladi

    February 11th at 9:13pm
    24 0

    Remember the good times: Wandsworth Park, London, UK, 2012.
    Canon 50D with 70-200 f/4 lens.

  • vladi

    February 11th at 2:23pm
    22 0

    Remember the good times: Iberostar Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, 2009

  • vladi

    February 10th at 4:37pm
    12 0

    Remember the good times: Versailles palace, France, 2003.

  • vladi

    February 9th at 6:57pm
    11 0

    Remember the good times: Paris, France, 2003.
    Canon S30 3mpx digital camera.

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