We're going to look so cute at the gym πŸ’

@meeksinoue let me know when you do! I have been cleared to workout again. Haha
@sashaann10 Tap the link in our bio to get yours, Sasha! β™₯
attracting all those sweaty *** fat dudes yes ma’am;)
so cute, we needddd @maddy_poole_
Ouuu needdddd
@d.xciv this sport bras I was talking about
I’m so sad cause I bought a bra the other day but no one told me about the free weekender otherwise I would’ve bought a second one πŸ˜“πŸ˜ͺ😀
Love it 😻
**************** It sounds like you have the perfect shopping excuse to treat yourself to a couple more bras, Lillian πŸ˜‰
I can’t find the green one at the top on the website.. can you help me
@misss_ange Search item number (378-283) online to shop our Ultimate Shine Sports Bra, Angela! πŸ’š
to bad i don’t go to the gym lol
@catherineseal these are adorable 😍
@ana831868 oh ok lol I’ll check them out
I got the black and grey one it’s well comfy @k2thepello
@__louchar__ Super cute choice, Louchar! Loving the print!
Are these available in stores or just online? 😍😍
@earaiza189 it’s a must .