Desert sparkle 🌟

@e_villaa perf pair for a dancing outfit.. need
@dewyhun i need the white one oh my god
Can't you shipping to PerΓΊ?
@pasteurizedmilkk The Shine Triangle Bralette in white is a must have! Shop our link Isabella!
@joselyn_rivadeneyra We're able to ship all products besides our alcohol-based beauty to Peru, Joselyn!
I love this!
what sizes does it fit?
@lark.cibula Shop our ********** online to view sizing options, Lark!
Is the set on the right white or light pink ?
@vannexcc This set is Tri White, Vanessa!
We love a matching bralette & panty set! πŸ‘πŸΌ
@stefan997723 baaaaaaabe do you see these 😭😍
@mikayla.stillabower doesn’t mean I don’t want more
@jewels_kniesly probably not until our may paycheck lmao i’m broke
@harvi.93 idk how I just saw this. But we have it!!😊😊