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  • weiyeeeeen

    March 20th at 10:38am
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    Dear all dog parents, I just start up a business on Facebook. It's a monthly dog box that contains toys, treats and accessories. 🐾 Please visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/JollyPooches/ and give it a Like! 👍🏻😌 Thank you! 😘


    6 days ago
    @h0nkitz lol aunty blackie don't play toys @nick964 mine one la .. come support me .. haha


    7 days ago
    Yours ar... I tot ur sis one


    7 days ago
    Too bad my Blakcie don't play toys lol
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  • weiyeeeeen

    February 18th at 10:51am
    28 0

    French Lime Blossom. #jomalone

  • weiyeeeeen

    February 14th at 4:54pm
    22 0

    Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday Mom! #0214

  • weiyeeeeen

    February 7th at 3:49pm
    13 1

    Happy bufday my love! @cheehao9027 😘


    2 months ago
    Best one out there
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  • weiyeeeeen

    February 7th at 6:11am
    18 0

    👩🏻👧🏻👩🏻 时光飞逝,妹妹们都长那么大了👀

  • weiyeeeeen

    January 29th at 5:10am
    8 0

    你也不爱拍照啊😒 #chor2 #CNY2017

  • weiyeeeeen

    January 28th at 9:04am
    13 0

    👀不是太想和我合照 #chor1 #CNY2017 🐥

  • weiyeeeeen

    January 25th at 10:23am
    24 0

    How am I so lucky to have you in my life?☺️ #前世是做了什么好事

  • weiyeeeeen

    January 20th at 2:39am
    29 0

    冬天穿和服去真是一大的挑战。没想到京都会下雪,虽然很美但真。的。很。冷。下次要在看枫叶时再穿!😂 #yeeninjapan2017 #kyoto #岚山

  • weiyeeeeen

    January 18th at 4:55am
    21 0

    Winter wonderland. #yeeninjapan2017

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