Wes High @weshigh

  • weshigh

    October 16th at 8:38pm
    14 1

    Bought a new screw driver. In order to open the package, you must have a screw driver. Not sure they thought that one through.


    5 days ago
    Circle of life.
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  • weshigh

    October 3rd at 8:06am
    25 0

    Spidey. Watch out! Almost walked into this.

  • weshigh

    October 2nd at 6:43am
    12 1

    Stratigraphy of dinner.


    19 days ago
    "Excuse me while I slip into something lacy" -Glass
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  • weshigh

    October 2nd at 3:05am
    18 0

    3ft is a lot further than you think. #bikela #giveme3

  • weshigh

    September 27th at 6:59am
    12 0

    It is a start, maybe enough for a full broom next year. #broomcorn

  • weshigh

    September 17th at 8:43pm
    21 0

    Whole bed. Lies with her butt hanging off. #nelliedog

  • weshigh

    September 10th at 5:52am

    They really did it. Congrats! #itsmilfordtime

  • weshigh

    September 9th at 7:11pm

    Lijah, bikes, ice cream, Cape Cod. Not too shabby. Thanks for getting married @akillertime

  • weshigh

    September 4th at 10:22pm
    11 0

    While not quite ADA compliant. Nellie's post ACL surgery ramp is complete. #nelliedog

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