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Happily being a kidult

  • whereispzai

    December 2nd at 1:11pm
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    My personal chauffeur! So proud of my girl! She collected the car all by herself and came to fetch me from work @chhewyy

  • whereispzai

    November 29th at 4:30am
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    Need some sweetness!!! thank you le wife @chhewyy


    9 days ago
    @whereispzai wait for me!!!
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  • whereispzai

    November 25th at 6:34am
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    Healthy lunch by le wife @chhewyy #overnightsoup

  • whereispzai

    November 22nd at 8:22am
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    當20" 遇上 40"時

  • whereispzai

    November 13th at 7:45pm
    25 1

    This girl, flew here all by herself just to (failed) surprise me. Turn me into a stalker (was making sure she reach the airport safely, was waiting for her flight to land in SG) all alone on a "too big" single bed. @chhewyy please don't do it again, I have a weak heart. #imarriedtherightgirl


    20 days ago
    💯 😃
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  • whereispzai

    November 9th at 11:14am
    9 1

    When shit got real. We eat the galaxy!


    29 days ago
    Me nomzzzzz
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  • whereispzai

    November 4th at 1:19pm
    11 2

    Dear CoCo,

    Hey beautiful you had lived a long life. Now is time to rest, you no longer need to feel the pain and you fought as hard as you can to continue to be with us. You are loved and you will be missed, Good night you beautiful girl for the last time. We love you


    1 month ago
    take care, didn't know you had a dog! but oh man rip i'm sure it had a good life!


    1 month ago
    😭😭 rest in peace coco.. condolences @whereispzai @chhewyy all dogs to heaven, im sure she is pain free now 🙆🏻🙆🏻
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  • whereispzai

    November 1st at 1:00pm
    19 3



    25 days ago
    So proud of you ❤️


    1 month ago
    @jefflimjf please see the bold not the points!


    1 month ago
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  • whereispzai

    October 23rd at 7:50pm
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    Happy 2nd birthday my little princess/little girlfriend/baobei!!! #growinguptofast #babyelsaang #notababyanymore @chhewyy

  • whereispzai

    October 15th at 6:49pm
    28 1

    After a day of fishing............ I turn into a charcoal!!!! Esp sitting right beside my little girl friend..... Thank god she still recognized me @chhewyy #babyelsaang


    2 months ago
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