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They call me Comic Sansbury because I'm rarely appropriate.

  • willsansbury

    October 21st at 12:39pm
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    Happy #capedayatl! Celebrating the incredible patients and lifesavers at @childrensatl. Thank you for saving my Lucy.


    4 days ago


    4 days ago
    Hi Will. I work at @fox5atlanta -- can we share your photo on our website/social media?
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  • willsansbury

    October 17th at 12:56am
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    And then suddenly, WHAM.
    I need a few years off to sleep.


    9 days ago
    Yep. Feelin ya! Marc and I looked at each other about an hour ago and said we're just "done" with the day. Popcorn for dinner and early to bed. Thankful for new mercies every morning.
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  • willsansbury

    October 16th at 10:25pm
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    Not buying plastic headstone crap. This was way more fun anyway!

  • willsansbury

    October 16th at 12:18am
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    May they always enjoy each other's friendship this much.

  • willsansbury

    October 12th at 1:38am
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    Blanka vs. Blanka. #memories


    13 days ago


    14 days ago
    Hell freaking yes.


    14 days ago
    So good!!!
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  • willsansbury

    October 2nd at 6:21pm
    15 1

    Water droplets at The Home Depot


    23 days ago
    Cool pic!
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  • willsansbury

    October 1st at 6:24pm
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    The weather today could not be nicer. Sitting on the deck and enjoying the blue skies.


    24 days ago
    As one must!
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  • willsansbury

    October 1st at 1:26am
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    Just a hint of chill in the air means it's time for our inaugural new house firepit.


    25 days ago
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  • willsansbury

    September 29th at 4:22pm
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    Values matter. Here are the ones our product development team shares.

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