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  • wolfiezero

    December 3rd at 7:53pm
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    Treat to myself starting the new job. Saving it for Christmas though! #whisky #whiskygram #scotch #islay #islaywhisky #lugavulin16 #parksandrec #parksandrecreation #ronswanson #ronswansonapproved

    Great! 💜✨
    This one is definitely nice


    6 days ago
    You are a man of impeccable taste
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  • wolfiezero

    December 2nd at 2:21pm
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    The @dootrix drone in flight!

  • wolfiezero

    December 1st at 12:30am
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    #bluenovember It's done, 30 days of raising awareness of diabetes and hopefully teaching a few things along the way! I am amazed by all the support and positive response that I've had from this project. I would like to thank everybody who has taken an interest in what I've had to say! It's not been the easiest in terms of being honest and open for me; even admitting some home truths I've never said before to any body. But as I stop spamming your feeds with images and text about living with diabetes, it's a daily thing still for me. But I'm cool with it, and have been most days since I was three. It's my life that hopefully you've all had a month long peek into. If anybody has any questions about diabetes or anything I've mentioned then please do ask! #diabetes #diabetic #diabeticliving #diabeteslife #diabeticawarenessmonth #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #t1d #t1dlookslikeme #t1diabetic #t1diabetes


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    8 days ago
    So many things I didn't realise! Well done for sharing.
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  • wolfiezero

    November 30th at 12:26am
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    #bluenovember This is my work pack, sans-insulin (that's kept in the fridge). This stays in my bag for whenever I need it, which is extremely rarely! Since working on a barn again (yup, software/web engineer working on a barn) you can't really pop off to get something if you run short, so this is why I have lots extra! #type1diabetic #t1diabetic #t1diabetes #t1d #t1dlife #type1diabetes #diabetes #diabetic #diabeticliving #diabeteslife #diabeticawarenessmonth

    Nice one!


    9 days ago
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  • wolfiezero

    November 29th at 12:11am
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    #bluenovember Sometimes I stay up and work. Lots of people find this odd as I did enjoy what I do for a job, but when it's not a choice then, as you guessed, plays hell with my blood sugars. The key is to want to do something rather then feeling forced into it. As long as I'm happy hacking away at code or a design then my blood sugars are okay, but once I'm stressed, then I have to be careful! #diabeticliving #diabeticlife #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #t1diabetic #t1diabetes #t1d #t1dlife

  • wolfiezero

    November 28th at 12:18am

    #bluenovember Not much to do with diabetes today other than this girl with me is important . One of the girls who forces me to stay fit and healthy. She does help in her weird, ejit like, way! #diabeticawarenessmonth #t1diabetic #t1diabetes #t1d #t1dlife #diabetesawareness #diabetic #diabetes #type1diabetic #type1diabetes #dogs #doge #dog #finnishlapphund #lapphund #lapphundsofinstagram #diabeticlife #diabeticliving

  • wolfiezero

    November 27th at 1:11am
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    #bluenovember A little over a year ago I was desperate to loose weight. I was getting quite podgy and not sure why; I cut food back and insulin but still not working despite doing a lot of extra exercise. I wasn't loosing any weight. Since having my seizure I've lost the weight I wanted and a lot more healthier and fitter. That's just from understanding what my body needs more rather than forcing it to be something. I'm very anti fad-diets (having never seen any significant long term proof they worked - I am a man of science) and do believe that eating correctly and doing a bit to raise your heart rate daily works. To give you an idea, these trousers used to be tight on "my waist" as well as the belt. Now they are hanging off me! I still eat crap foods, but also balance that with what I need to do with my diabetes. Really, I listen to what my body needs now and understand it. Healthy living is just that, listening and not forcing. #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #diabetes #diabetic #diabetesawareness #diabeticawarenessmonth #t1diabetic #t1diabetes #t1d #t1dlife

  • wolfiezero

    November 26th at 12:22am
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    #bluenovember Something I've noted since taking closer eye on my diabetes is how much anxiety I create in my head when I go low. I doubt everything and nothing is right. Even when everything is perfect, my low blood sugars create a scenario in my head that makes me seriously doubt myself. #t1dlookslikeme #diabetes #diabetic #type1diabetic #type1diabetes #t1diabetic #t1diabetes #diabeteslookslikeme #diabeteslife

  • wolfiezero

    November 24th at 11:17pm
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    #bluenovember You need to keep healthy and somewhat fit to keep diabetes in check. This girl helps me. She also helps keep a routine going; seriously, for a creature that can't tell the time, she knows it perfectly. Oddly, she seems to know when my blood sugars go low before I do! #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #diabetesawarenessmonth #diabetesawareness #diabeteslookslikeme #t1diabetic #t1diabetes #t1dlookslikeme #doge #dog #finnishlapphund #lapphund


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    14 days ago
    I've heard before that some dogs can smell it!
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  • wolfiezero

    November 23rd at 11:52pm
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    #bluenovember I mentioned previously about my teeth and then not being great (I just take a good photo btw 😶). Now of the reasons is soft drinks and black coffee. Talking soft drinks, going out for a night and being sober is not fun at all for me. I drink for flavour, this why I prefer a whiskey (note the "e") over a larger. But when your sober and diabetic you typically have two choices; Diet Coke or water. Anything else is full of sugar, and that goes for "healthy" kids drinks. It annoys me when people say that I drink too much Coke/Pepsi or that it must be doing "wonders" for my insides. To be honest, most people don't know the very real differences between a sugar-free/Diet soft drink to a full-fat one, but also the alternatives are I cause myself way too much harm... or water. I'm aware that one of the key ingredients in diet colas can cause cancer, but in comparison to what else could give you cancer and we say nothing, I'm happy with my choice. The UK truly does suck when it comes to offering soft drinks that are suitable. #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #diabetesawarenessmonth #diabetesawareness #t1d #diabetes #diabetic #t1diabetic #t1diabetes


    15 days ago
    Love me some Irn bru 👍🏻good choice.
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